What people say about me

 "Wendy has been invaluable in helping me rework and refine three of my novels, and I regard her as one of my most trusted readers. Everything she says is invariably spot on, but even when pointing out areas that need improvement, Wendy is always supportive and encouraging. She is both thorough and perceptive, her comments revealing aspects of your manuscript that you hadn’t even considered, and often indicating solutions where she feels there might be a problem. Without her consistent encouragement, I know I might well have given up on the book that helped me secure an agent and publishing deal. I can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone at any stage of their writing career."    

Emma Haughton

Emma's books, Opens external link in new windowNOW YOU SEE ME and BETTER LEFT BURIED are available now. Published by Usborne.


"Wendy and I have exchanged numerous manuscripts, excerpts and plot ideas over recent years, and I can honestly say she has been instrumental in helping my writing to develop. She approaches her appraisals with a careful eye, a positive outlook and a dedication to the truth that all aspiring writers will find invaluable.  For those looking for a professional, efficient and committed service, I would recommend Magic Beans unreservedly." 

Kate Hanney

Kate's books, Opens external link in new windowSAFE, WATERMELON, SOMEONE DIFFERENT and HEARTS AND ARROWS are all available now.



Wendy is so practiced in all areas of the writer's craft and is such a patient and understanding person, that to submit your manuscript to Magic Beans for a critique, is to put your baby in a very safe pair of hands. Money well spent for any writer who needs a fresh pair of eyes and sound advice on polishing prose 'til it shines."

 Marnie Riches

Marnie's first book, Opens external link in new windowTHE GIRL WHO WOULDN'T DIE, published by AVON, is available now.


"I was impressed at how thorough my report was. The line edit was very useful and the summary was fantastic; Wendy really went to town and had such a close look at so many aspects. Her approach was lovely and encouraging (it's always nerve wracking letting someone else crit your work) but no need to worry, she really knows her 'magic' beans! Her comments about character were insightful and she has given me lots to think about - all good stuff. Thank you."

George Kirk

"If any aspiring writers out there are looking for a good literary critique service, I heartily recommend Magic Beans."

Sarah Browne

"Wow, this is amazing! I am utterly impressed with your services! I can't believe how detailed it is. You really know your stuff. I will definitely recommend your services."

Karen Laing

"Having worked with Wendy, I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. The time and respect she has given me has undoubtedly improved my writing skills, and I now feel confident that I can finish my book, and that makes me excited!"

Jemma Eastman

"I am overwhelmed with the result. Thank you so much again for all your work."

John St.Marthe

"Wendy responded very promptly to all my emails. I was nervous about her response to my manuscript but her comments were very positive. She was helpful, friendly and easy to work with."

Catherine Friess 





"You fail only if you stop writing."

Ray Bradbury